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The Black Cat Cleaning Co.

The end of times is nigh and Aristel must rescue a fairy maiden from the great dragon to stop it happening, but he doesn't reckon with falling through reality and landing in a council flat in Little Rhampton.

Meanwhile, Kevin has just lost his job, but things seem to be turning a little brighter when a witch flicks a bit of good luck his way. He comes into money and meets the girl of his dreams, only to find that witches never do anything for nothing and Sally isn't quite what she seems.

The local council is planning to let developers knock down Carswell House and build a housing estate, and Mac the Hat is behind all the dodgy dealing to make it happen. Affordable housing is all very well, but not when a gate between worlds is at stake. There's more to Carswell House than just dry rot and rising damp and Kevin is recruited to help the witches stop the development and get Aristel home.

In a world of magic and mystery entwined with the everyday, mundane reality that we dwell in and with a cast of immortal druids, demonic cats, flying vacuums, witches and wannabes, The Black Cat Cleaning Co. pits good against evil, cunning against stupidity and everyone against the clock to save the world from greedy pen pushers.

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