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Laughing At Shadows

When Norman saves the life of a baby dragon he doesn't expect it to turn nasty and decide to eat the whole world. Homeless and haunted by memories too dark to remember Norman strives, with Holy Mary, Scuttleboat Stan and Mad Charlie to find the most ancient of creatures, and the only things who can stop the Eater of Worlds, the World Dragons.

The world may be about to end and Mad Charlie might be on a permanent sugar rush, Scuttleboat Stan just possibly could be the grottiest little man in existence and Holy Mary really just can't keep her handbag to herself, but at least Norman knows how to laugh and laughter is a cure for anything. Even the end of the world. Isn't it?

With a supporting cast of not quite dead things, some very dead things and things that aren't quite sure if they're dead or not, fairies in bottles, flying dragons, an invisible cat, and dancing dentures, Laughing at Shadows aims to prove that, when you see someone asleep on a bench, not always is all as it seems.

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