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Blue Dragon Pie

Gordon wants to see his name over his own pie shop, by the sea. The only thing stopping him is a distinct lack of money. Instead he is stuck down Clag Alley, selling his wares from a barrow.

But the Razorback Mountains Pie Eating Contest might be the answer to all his problems. A thousand groats is up for grabs, but every celebrity troll chef in the mountains is having a go and Gordon needs that special edge if he is to stand a chance of winning the prize.

Gordon does the unthinkable and joins forces with humans, dwarves and elves in an attempt to hunt down a dangerous dragon. They want gold and glory. All Gordon is after is a pie filling, but he soon discovers that other species can be bad as trolls when it comes to deceit and treachery, in his quest to make a Blue Dragon Pie.

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